Prince KZ's Overall Production

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Now about my production... There are 3 Major parts to my production... The Instrumentals and beats, The graphic designs for both the logos and websites, and the Special 3D Animated presentation... which I'll definitely be upgrading in the future, once I get better 3D CGI equipments.

Now, as I mentioned earlier I started producing instrumentals in about 2003, so it's been about 12 years now. I used different types of instruments and software so that I can integrate both old school sounds, as well as new school sounds. And the reason why I'm doing this is again, I want it to sound more universal, so that I can communicate it better to all my audience around the world. Again, I've said it before and I'll say it again, as long as they understand English, they will understand my flow... And as long as they like instrumentals and beats that were created from late 90s to early 2000, they will definitely enjoy my production...

However if You are one that likes instrumentals and beats to be constantly being updated and new, sounding like something for 2013 to lets say 2018, NO Problem, I'll come up with something NEW for You also. I'm not a hater when it comes to NEW sounds. Hip Hop and Rap won't die. All we need are my people creating songs that can capture both new school and old school and put it on an album, so that all people from all walks of life can enjoy it. And if you don't like one track on an album, just skip it and go to the next song, that's it man... don't have to dis anyone making new music!

Now I want to talk about my New vibrating base, that I'm now using on most of my songs... The purpose of this, is to add a rock and roll element to my songs, so that it sounds a little bit more organic, and adds a feel being in an actual concert... And I have it vibrating from left to right, making it sound more dramatic. If you were to listen to it through your earphones, you'll really enjoy it.

I've used it on my song "What is Love" to balance out the soft sounding instrumentals of the song. I'll be using it in my song "Flow like an MC" and "When I grab the Mic". In some of the songs, it feels like the entire environment of the song is vibrating, it sounds pretty Ill and cool!

Now as for the graphic design, I used state of the arts technology to make things look very unique and straight to the point, but not too simple or not too complex. The same 3D technology that I've used to create the graphic design like the logo's, the jewellery and the embedding of it into the photographs, are the same for some of my simple 3d animated presentation for the songs.

Now my future production, I promise you, that YOU will see, more up-scaled fabrication of my instrumentals & beats, Computer Animated Imagery, special effects and a better way to market to help top businesses and companies grow and prosper to bring better quality content to YOU and all the other viewers and listeners.

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