Prince KZ's Rap Style

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Originally my rap style started off sounding slightly like Snoop Dogg, then I transitioned it to sounding more like Wutang Clan, especially when I started writing my lyricks and using complicated words. Then it totally changed to a style like one of the Greatest East Coast Rappers of all times, NAS. Even though in my song "Say Whassup" I made references to saying, "I respect the Masters of NYC and Cali, like Tupac and Biggie, 50 Cent and Jay Z"...

So those 4 artists that I mentioned in my "Say Whassup" Song were influential in their time and space... And some of their talents went beyond the scope of just rap music... We all know what Tupac would be doing right now if he was still alive... And who knows what Biggie would be doing right now if he was still alive, all I know is that he would probably be very successful... Like 50 Cent good Business Man and good overall Rap Artist... Jay Z also, another powerful visionary in expanding his talent beyond just rap and hip hop. So I totally respect that about them.

Of Course NAS was unique in his ability to make you think in his lyrics and flow and Eminem in his ability to also get deep in his lyrics, and his flow was and is still almost unbeatable!

So lets get back to my rap style. I orginally wrote lyrics that were deep and made you think, like this... "My annual visions got a firm grip/ listen to me sip/ my beverage in the midst of the warm drips/ crystalize my lips/ and come clean with the final articulation/ condense beef and heat is what's the media's formulatin/

Then I made things a little bit easier to understand... Like in the song "Say Whassup" a little too easy to understand, But YOU WILL ENJOY listening to it! Possibly in the future, I will be diversifying my style to combine the old and the new... I find that, when I do this, my rap songs sounds very interesting and intriguing, because part of it will sound like old school, and part of it will sound newer and more innovative.

I don't believe Rap and Hip Hop is totally dead, I just think we need to Jazz it up a little bit, and make it sound HOT, Fresh and unique without losing the old school sounds and definitely, old school lyrics.

One of my other songs that I produce called "When I Grab da Mic" I tried to combine the old school sound with my famous vibrating base set to just 3 pitches instead of just 1.

By the way you will be able to hear the "When I Grab da Mic" song inside the From Thug Life to Freedom Album and Mixtapes!

I'll also be talking about the vibrating base later on, and how I used it in all my other songs like, "What is Love".

But lets get back to rap style... I needed to perfect my flow to make it sound more like an NYC east coast. Back in the days, when I used to freestyle though, my flow sounded a little bit different, more like a dirty southern style. Others liked it, but I wasn't really diggin it, since I wanted, my flow and my style to sound more univeral so that I can communicate it better to all my audience around the world... As long as they understand English, they will understand my flow...

I also want to confess that, back in the days about 13 years ago when I was freestyling and just rapping, I really didn't have a good flow and really couldn't rap. I mean it was decent, but it wasn't quite professional in the way it sounded. However now, I have more confidence in my abilities to rap. It might have taking me about 5 to 6 solid years to improve my flow and delivery, but it was well worth it. Again now I have more confidence, and believe I can finally battle anyone... No Fear...

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